Alcohol to an Act of Giving

South African Brands

Nek Nominations. The one word everyone is reluctant to have pop up as a notification on Facebook. This Australian trend has been making waves on social media for a few weeks now and once it hit  South African shores, the concept changed.

From an alcoholic fad to an act of giving, South Africans took it upon themselves to change this trend into something that could impact the community. I’m sure most of you have seen the numerous Nek Nominations, but since the viral trend has gone from alcoholic to an act of giving, brands are beginning to show interest.

Brands that have taken this consumer trend to the next level, not only gain a new marketing campaign but also build a stronger relationship with its consumers. Have a look at Shoprite Checker’s Nek Nomination. Even the Founder of one of South Africa’s premium brands Pick n Pay – Raymond Ackerman – took part in this challenge, have a look here.

Brand nek nominations can create a fun and humours side between competitors and build consumer interest.

What brand would you like to see do a Nek Nomination?

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